About Me
Mission Statement:
First in excellence, expertise, and experience defines my nature.
Innovative creativity and effusive enthusiasm exerts that nature into action.
I run to win.

Why Mercury Zeitgeist? Well, it's more an analogy of my working methodology and ethic than anything else. As I believe in speed, efficiency, productivity, exactitude, and adherence to deadlines, I also believe most anything can be accomplished through diligence and perseverance to achieve desired results.

What I'm able to provide: Graphic design, IP content and ideation, web sites, animated film and video content, interactive gaming assets, commercials, print media services from initial concept to printed deliverables, project management and coordination, and copy/tech writing services. All is provided using best practices and accepted standards.

About This Site
This site contains portfolio work consisting of Web Design, Animation, Print, and Illustration created over the course of the past 15 years. The bulk is from completed campaigns, work-related projects, and original IP content intended for both web and broadcast delivery.

Additionally, there are links to other highly-recommended content development professionals specializing in the complimentary aspects of B2B including Marketing, Branding, and Strategy, to server-side development and database creation, management, and maintenance. Please feel free to contact James with any questions you may have. I enjoy sharing my knowledge.

Regards, James

This site is being redesigned as of August, 2011.

Please feel free to browse around as it gets its new look and content.